Tokoroten Chinese-style Salad (ところてん中華風サラダ)

tokoroten chinese-style salad

A Chinese style-salad is popular among Japanese as well as Chinese I believe.
Original salad usually uses Harusame noodles (Glass noodle), which is made from either mung bean or potato starch, and it has low carbs and calories.
But, I like to use Tokoroten noodles instead, because Tokoroten itself has almost ZERO carbs and ZERO calories. Moreover I love the refreshing texture. 

To learn how to make Tokoroten, please check Tokoroten recipe from here.

-Tokoroten (ところてん) 300g
*Make it by squeezing out with Tokoroten stock.
-1 Cucumber (きゅうり) 100g
-1/2 Carrot (にんじん) 70g
-2 Chikuwa (ちくわ: cube-shaped fish paste cake) (2本) or Ham 60g
-✯Sesame oil (ゴマ油) 1.5tbsp
-✯Soy sauce (しょうゆ) 1.5tbsp
-✯1 Grated Garlic (おろしニンニク) 1個
-✯Sesame (ゴマ) 1tbsp
-✯Sugar (砂糖) 2 tsp

Pre Preparation:  
①Make Tokoroten in advance. If you don't have a Tokoroten stick, you can cut kanten thinly in noodle width with a knife. After making tokoroten, cut the noodles in half (5-6 cm) so that it is easier to mix with veggies.
②Thinly cut veggies, lightly sprinkle salt and leave until excess water is discharged. Rinse off the salt and lightly squeeze out remaining water.

1. Thinly cut chikuwa.
2. Mix half-cut tokoroten (①), veggies (②) and chikuwa #1.
3. Separately mix the remaining ingredients(✯) and pour into the #2.
4. Mix #3 well and let it rest in the fridge for at least one hour to let the flavour settle.
* I recommend to mix occasionally to blend the flavour.



2. 半分に切ったところてん(①)と野菜(②)とちくわ(1.)を混ぜます。
3. 残りの調味料(✯)をよく混ぜてから具材(2.)と合わせます。
4. (3.)をよく混ぜてから冷蔵庫で1時間以上寝かして味を馴染ませます。途中で数回混ぜてあげるとよく馴染みますよ。


tokoroten chinese-style salad

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