Lemon Basil Kanten Gelée (レモンバジル寒天ジュレ)


If you look for something non-Japanese gelée, I recommend lemon Basil Kanten Gelée is right choice for you. Just like Kanten Ponzu Gelee (寒天ポン酢ジュレ), the glittering appearance is sure to brighten your dinner table! 

Lemon acidity and aroma from basil go well with smoke salmon, tomato and any salads. 
To make this recipe, you don't even need to boil but microwave it!

◆Kanten Powder (粉寒天) 1g
◆Water (水) 120ml
◆White wine (白ワイン) 30ml
●Lemon Juice (レモン汁) 2tbsp
●Sugar (砂糖) 1.5tbsp
●Consommé powder (コンソメ) or Konbu powder (昆布だし) a pinch (少々)
●Salt (塩) a pinch (少々)
●Fresh basil leaves (バジルの葉) a few


1. Pour ◆ ingredients into microwave-safe bowl and mix well.
2. Finely chop basil leaves into small sizes and mix ● well in a different bowl from (1.).
3. Microwave the mix (1.) for 1 min and stir well. Then microwave it again for 40 seconds and stir well.
*Please check that the mix shows bubbling and boiling.
4. Pour the mix (3.) into the lemon mix (2.) and stir well.
5. Pour the mix (4.) into a container and wait until it gets harden at room temperature in a hour or cool in the fridge.
6. Crush the gelée and enjoy it with your favourite foods.

*Instruction 3. before microwave again for 40 seconds.

 *Instruction 4. Mixing and stirring the both mixture.  



1. ◆を耐熱ボールに入れて混ぜておく。
2. フレッシュバジルを細かく刻み、●を別のボールでよく混ぜておく。
3. (1)をレンジで1分加熱後、一度レンジから出して混ぜる。再び40秒加熱する*沸騰しているのを確認してください。
4. 寒天液(3.)を(2.)に混ぜ合わせる。
5. 容器に流して室温で1時間程度、冷蔵庫だとより早く固まります。
6. ジュレを崩してからお好きな料理に合わせてお召し上がりください。


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