Kanten Jelly Drink -Strawberry Kanten Milk (寒天ドロリッチ風-イチゴミルク味)

Let's drink sweet Kanten jelly with a bubble tea straw!
When I lived in Japan several years ago, this jelly-type drink named "Dororich (ドロリッチ)" was very popular among teenagers.
The name means soft texture and rich taste.
Nowadays, everybody enjoy various bubble teas all over the world. Both Kanten jelly drinks and bubble teas share the same idea of drinking and eating sweets together, but the total calories between the two drinks differ significantly! You don't need to feel guilty when you enjoy Kanten jelly drinks no matter what time of day (or night).
Kanten itself has no calories, but its 80% dietary fibre content gives you a sense of fullness, while also controlling blood sugar level.

So, why don't you stock up your fridge with healthy homemade Kanten jelly drinks instead of ordering expensive drinks from bubble tea shops?!

-Strawberry (イチゴ) 250g
-Kanten Powder (粉寒天) 1g
-Water (水) 400ml
-Sugar (砂糖) 100-120g
 *You can adjust sweetness. (甘さはお好みでご調整ください。)
-Lemon juice (レモン汁) 1tsp
*Milk (牛乳) 
*Carbonated water (炭酸水) 


Pre-preparation: Dice half the strawberries into pieces small enough that you can drink with a wide (bubble tea) straw. Add sugar to the other half of the strawberries and purée with a handy mixer. 

1. In a pan, mix water and kanten powder.
2. Boil the mix(1.) for at least 2 minutes. Please continue stirring while boiling.
3. Turn off the heat and add the strawberry puree and stir well. 
4. Add lemon juice and stir well.
5. Put diced strawberries into glass cups, then pour the mix(4.) into the glasses.
6. Allow to cool in the fridge.
7. Pour either milk or carbonated water into the glass and mix with bubble tea straw and enjoy!




1. 水と粉寒天を鍋に入れて混ぜます。
2. 火にかけて中火で粉寒天が完全に溶けるまで混ぜながら2分強煮ましょう。
3. 寒天が完全に溶けたら火を止めます。事前準備で作ったイチゴジュースを加えて混ぜます。
4. レモン汁を加えて混ぜます。
5. サイコロ状にしたイチゴをグラスの中へ入れてから寒天ミックス(4.)を注ぎます。
6. 6割程度入れたら冷蔵庫でよく冷しましょう。
7. ミルクを注いでイチゴミルク、炭酸水を注いでイチゴソーダとしてお楽しみください。




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