Coffee Milk Kanten Pudding (コーヒーミルク寒天プリン)

 When I found an instant coffee at supermarket, my mind already made a decision to make this dessert.
To make pudding with Kanten, of course KANTEN is alternatively used as a coagulation agent, it becomes lighter texture and I don't need to feel guilty to eat it all!
It's easy to make, but coffee cream topping makes a pudding rich and deluxe.
I am sure that your guests will be satisfied with your house party desserts;)
Please stay healthy and enjoy your summer with some kanten desserts♡

<Coffee Milk Kanten (コーヒーミルク寒天) >

[Ingredients for 3 cups]

-Milk (牛乳) 500ml
-Kanten Powder (粉寒天) 2.5-3g 
 *Since I like soft texture, I usually use 2.5g of Kanten powder. 
-Sugar (砂糖) 70g
-Instant coffee (インスタントコーヒー 大1) 1tbsp
-Brandy (ブランデー 小1) 1tsp


[Pre Preparation]

Leave milk out of the fridge so that they reach close to room temperature.
*To shorten the time, you can also warm up them to room temperature in microwave for 20 seconds.



1. In a pan, mix milk and kanten powder well and turn on the heat to medium.
2. Boil the mix until kanten becomes completely dissolved with medium to low heat (I recommend to continue boiling for 4-5 minutes after boiling).
3. Turn down the heat and add sugar and instant coffee and stir well. And then drop brandy for additional aroma (as you wish).
4. Turn off the heat and drain the mix to a bowl.
*To give the pudding a smooth texture, the draining step is important! 
5. Pour the mix into cups and chill in the fridge.
・・・In the meanwhile, let's prepare coffee cream!






3. 寒天が完全に溶けたら弱火に落としてインスタントコーヒーと砂糖を加えます。どちらも溶けたらブランデーをお好みで加えてください。
4. 火を止めて濾しながらボールへ移します。
5. 粗熱が取れたらプリン液を容器に注ぎ冷蔵庫でよく冷やします。




<Coffee Cream (コーヒークリーム) >



-Whipping cream (生クリーム) 150ml
-Instant coffee (インスタントコーヒー 小1) 1tsp
-Sugar 1.5tbsp (砂糖 大1.5) 
*You can adjust the sweetness as desired.


1. In a bowl, add instant coffee, sugar and 20ml of whipping cream.
2. Mix well with a whisk and dissolve the mix completely by putting the bowl in warm water. 
3.Add remaining cream (130ml) to the mix.
4. Whip the mix until fully whipped with a hand mixer. This time, please do it on the chilled bowl.
5. When coffee puddings are well chilled in the fridge, let's decorate them with whipped coffee cream and chocolate, and ENJOY !!




1. インスタントコーヒー、砂糖、生クリーム(20ml)をボールの中へ入れます。
2. 湯煎しながら泡だて器で砂糖とインスタントコーヒーが完全に溶けるまでよく混ぜます。
3. 溶けたら残りのクリーム (130ml) を加えます。
4. 今度はボールを氷水にあてながらハンドミキサーでしっかりと泡立てます。
5. コーヒープリンがよく冷えたらコーヒークリームとチョコレートをトッピングして出来上がりです♪




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