Tokoroten Lemon Syrup Sauce (ところてん用レモンシロップ)

Introducing a healthy Lemon syrup for a Tokoroten noodles.

By the way, what’s Tokoroten?
Tokoroten noodles (#ところてん ) is a traditional Japanese snack made from Kanten. Summer is the best season to enjoy it because Tokoroten is made of 99% water with almost no calories. It provides hydration and gives a sense of fullness. It’s very refreshing snack♪

Another fact!
Making Tokoroten is very simple and really fun, by just squeezing out the kanten using a tokoroten stick♪

<Tokoroten ところてん>

[Ingredients for Tokoroten]

-Water 500-550ml
-Kanten powder 4g (one small package)

For instructions, please check Tokoroten recipe from here.

<Lemon syrup>

[Ingredients for Lemon syrup]

-Water 200ml
-Cane sugar 100g
*You can change sweetener to white sugar or others as you prefer.
-Sliced lemon (sweetened with honey)
*You can use fresh lemon as well.
-Goji berries
-Squeezed Lemon juice 1.5tbsp
*You can add orange liqueur as you wish.


[Instructon for Lemon syrup]

1. Add water and sugar, and then stir well.
2. Turn on the heat to medium.
3. Add sliced lemon.
*I use sweetened lemon with honey, but you can use unsweetened fresh lemon as well.
4. Add washed goji berries and squeezed lemon juice.
5. Stir well, then turn down the heat to low.
*6. You can add citrus liqueur like range for additional aroma as you wish.
7. Turn off the heat and cool it in the fridge.
8.Pour it onto Tokoroten (or unsweeten kanten cube) and enjoy it!   



-グラニュー糖/サトウキビ 100g
-レモンスライス (ハチミツ漬け)
-レモン汁 大1.5



1. 水と砂糖を鍋に入れてよく混ぜてください。
2. 中火にかけます。
3. スライスレモンを加えます。
4. 洗ったクコの実とレモンジュースを加えます。
5. よく混ぜたら弱火に下げましょう。
*6. お好みで柑橘系のリキュールを1タレ入れて香りを足してください。.
7. 火から下ろしてよく冷してください。



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