Tokoroten (ところてん)

Tokoroten noodles (ところてん) are a traditional Japanese snack made from Kanten. It is made of 99% water with virtually no calories.
Tokoroten gives fullness and hydration, so it’s often used in Japanese diets promoting weight loss, and promotes the natural prevention of diabetes. 
The best part about making Tokoroten is that it is easy and fun - by just squeezing out the kanten using a tokoroten stick.
You can enjoy tokoroten with your favorite dipping sauce! Both sweet and salty sauces go well.


<Tokoroten (ところてん)>

-Kanten Powder (粉寒天) 4g (1 small pack)
-Water (水) 500ml
* If you prefer soft texture, you can add 50ml more (total water becomes 550ml).

<Tokoroten Dipping Sauce (ところてんのたれ)>

①Brown Sugar Syrup (黒蜜)
-Brown Sugar (黒糖) 100g
-Sugar (三温糖 / 砂糖) 70g
-Starch Syrup (水飴) 30g
-Water (水) 90ml
*Kinako (soybean flour with sugar-きな粉) is a great match as a topping,
*Maple sryrup is also a great alternative as a sauce.
②酢醤油 (Vinegar and Soy Sauce)
-Vinegar (酢) 3tbsp
-Soy Sause (醤油) 1tbsp
-Sugar (砂糖) 2tsp
-Soup Base (ダシ(本つゆ)) 1.5tbsp
*Topping: Sesami (ゴマ), Chopped seaweed (刻み海苔), Green Laver (青のり), Japanese Mustard (和がらし)   


1. Boil the mix of kanten powder and water until the powder becomes completely dissolved.
2. Turn off the heat and strain the mix into a bowl, and then pour the mix into a shallow container.
3. Let it cool in the fridge till it hardens to a gel, cut kanten to appropriate size to be able insert into Tokoroten container, and squeeze out with Tokoroten stick.
4. Enjoy Tokoroten with your favorite dipping sauce.



2. 完全に溶けたら火を止めて、濾してから平らな容器に流す。
3. 冷蔵庫で冷やして完全に固まったら、ところてん突きに入る様にカットしてところてん突きに入れて突く。
4. お好みのソースでお楽しみください。


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