Panna Cotta with Mango Lemon Gelée (パンナコッタ マンゴーレモンジュレ乗せ)

Panna Cotta (パンナコッタ), a chilled dessert popular throughout Italy, is easy to make and can be prepared in advance. It looks and tastes wonderful with red fruits such as raspberries or strawberries, or tropical fruits like mangos.

Gelatin is usually used for making a Panna cotta, however today, I would like to share with you my simple healthy panna cotta and a topping gelée. Of course KANTEN is alternatively used as a coagulation agent for both desserts.
Please stay healthy and enjoy your spring with some healthy desserts♡


<Panna Cotta (パンナコッタ)>


-Kanten Powder (粉寒天) 2.5g
-Whipped cream (生クリーム) 200ml
-Milk (牛乳) 400ml 
-Sugar (砂糖) 4tbsp
-Vanilla essence (バニラエッセンス) 2drops


Leave whipped cream and milk out of the fridge so that they reach close to room temperature.
*To shorten the time, you can also warm up them to room temperature in microwave for 15-20 seconds.


1. In a pan, mix milk, sugar and kanten powder and turn on the heat to medium.
2. Boil the mix until kanten becomes completely dissolved with medium to low heat (3-4 minutes after boiling).
3. Turn down the heat and add whipped cream and stir well.
4. Turn off the heat and drop vallina essence, and then drain the mix to a bowl.
*To give the panna cotta a smooth texture, the draining step is important! 
5. Pour the mix into cups and chill in the fridge.
・・・In the meanwhile, let's prepare mango Lemon Gelee!




1. 牛乳、砂糖、粉寒天を鍋に入れてよく混ぜてから火にかけます。(中火で沸騰する手前まで温度を上げる。)
2. 中-弱火で粉寒天が完全に溶けるまで混ぜながら3分強煮ましょう。
3. 寒天が完全に溶けたら弱火に落として生クリームを加えます。
4. 火を止めてからバニラエッセンスを落とし、濾しながらボールへ移します。
5. パンナコッタ液を容器に注ぎ冷蔵庫でよく冷やします。


<Mango Lemon Gelée (マンゴーレモンジュレ)>



-2 Mangos (マンゴー2個)
-Kanten Powder 0.5g (粉寒天)
-Water (水) 200ml
-Lemon juice (レモン汁 小1) 1tsp
-Sugar 1-1.5tbsp (砂糖 大1-1.5) 
*You can adjust the sweetness as desired.


1. Cut two mangos into small pieces.
2. Add the mango slices and lemon juice into a food processor or juicer and puree them well. Pour the puree into a bowl.
3. In the meanwhile, add water, kanten powder and sugar into a sauce pan and stir well.
4. Turn on the heat to medium and boil until kanten powder becomes completely dissolved.
5. Turn off the heat and pour the kanten mix into a bowl to remove excess heat. Then slowly add the kanten mix to the mango puree little by little.
6. Pour the puree mix(5.) onto the Panna cotta* and chill in the fridge.
*Or milk kanten or coconut pudding.





1. マンゴーを小さく切ります。
2. マンゴーとレモン汁をフードプロセッサーもしくはジューサーへ入れてピューレ上にします。できたらボールへ移します。
3. その間に、寒天液を作りましょう。水、粉寒天、砂糖を小鍋に入れてよく混ぜます。
4. 鍋を火にかけて沸騰直前まで温度が上がったら中火で3分ほど煮ます。
5. 粉寒天が完全に溶けたら火を止めてボールに移します。粗熱を取ってからマンゴーピューレに少量ずつ加えて混ぜていきます。
6. マンゴー寒天液(5.)をパンナコッタの上に乗せてよく冷したら出来上がりです♪


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