White Wine Kanten Jelly (白ワイン寒天ゼリー)

White Wine Kanten Jelly with Summer Fruits♡
A jiggly and beautiful kanten dessert will add a special touch to your next get-together.
If you have leftover wines, please don't throw away into sink, but make this dessert. 
Rose wine, Sparkling wine or Champagne will become delicious jelly as well♪


Kanten Powder(粉寒天) 1.5-1.7g
White wine(白ワイン)150ml
Sugar(砂糖)40g *You can adjust the sweetness as you wish.
Lemon juice(レモン汁)1 tsp

Toppings: Fresh mints, summer fruits (I used black cherries and peaches. Grapes and berries are the great choice as well!)


1. Pour water and white wine into a saucepan.
2. Add kanten powder and stir well. And then, turn on the heat to medium.
3. Boil the mix until kanten becomes completely dissolved with medium to low heat (I recommend to continue boiling for 3-4 minutes after boiling).
4. Add sugar and stir well until sugar becomes completely dissolved.
 *If you don't want to burn off alcohol, you can add white wine (must be at room temperature) here at step 4 (not at step 1). 
5. Turn off the heat and add lemon juice. Stir well.
6. Cool the mix well in the fridge for at least 30 mins.
7. Scoop or crush the jelly with a spoon and pour into a champagne glass. Decorate it with fresh mints and your favorite summer fruits.




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