Bean Sprout Namul (ナムル)

Basically, I like to add Kanten to any salads and appetizers.
This Namul (ナムル) is one of my favorite recipe for using a Salad Kanten Noodle. Just by adding this kanten, it gives additional texture, the sense of fullness and necessary dietary fibre. Yum yum:)

‐Spinach 1/2 bunches (100g)
-Carrots 1/2 stick (80g)
-Bean Sprouts 1/3 bag (80g)
-Kanten Salad Noodle 1/3 bag (5g)
-Sesame Oil 1.5tbs
-Sesame 1tbs
-Soy Sauce 1/2tbs
-Chicken stock (or Vegetable stock for vegan/vegetarian) 1/3tsp
-Salt pinch

1. Blanch vegetables as desire.
*I recommend blanching root veggies longer time and leaf veggies shorter time.
2. Soak the kanten salad noodles in water for 5-6 mins.
3. Drain off the water thoroughly from the kanten(2.).
4. Cut the kanten into half.
5. Mix sesami oil, sesami, soy sauce, chicken stock and pinch of salt.
6. Put all vegetables (1.), the kanten(4.) into a ball and pour the mix(5.) and mix well.

ほうれん草 1/2袋 (100g)
ニンジン  1/2本 (80g)
もやし/豆もやし 1/3袋 (80g)
寒天サラダ麺 1/3袋 (5g)
ゴマ油 大さじ1.5
塩 少々

1. 野菜を固ゆでする。
2. 寒天サラダ麺を水で戻す(5‐6分ほど浸ける)。
3. 寒天(2.)が戻ったらしっかりと水を切る。
4. 寒天を半分に切る。
5. 調味料(ゴマ油、ゴマ、しょうゆ、鶏ガラスープの素、塩)を混ぜ合わせる。
6. 調味料(5.)を茹で野菜と寒天に和える。

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