Matcha Milk Kanten Pudding (抹茶ミルク寒天プリン)

You can make a café-style Matcha (Green Tea) Milk Kanten Pudding at home! It tastes amazing and has a smooth texture.

As toppings, we strongly recommend vanilla ice cream, red bean paste or maple syrup. These go very well with the light and smooth matcha kanten pudding! Also, we usually use whole milk, but you can use milk with less fat, soy milk or almond milk.


Kanten powder 2.5g
Water 100ml
Milk (I usually use 3.25%) 400ml
Matcha powder 1tbsp (6g)
Sugar 3.5tbs (45g)
Maple syrup/Condensed milk 1tbsp


★Take matcha to a tea strainer and sift matcha with a spoon.
It is an important step that you don't want to skip, otherwise you have clumps in the milk.
★Sit milk out from the fridge and warm up a little (we do 20 seconds warming it up in microwave). 


1. Pour water into pan and add Kanten powder. Stir well.
2. Turn on the heat to low to medium to boil it until kanten is completely dissolved(=to become transparent liquid, about for 5mins).
3. Add sugar and stir well till completely dissolved.
4. Turn down the heat to low and pour milk into the pan a little by little.
5. Mix matcha powder with a little warm water and stir (whisk) well.
6. Add the matcha into the pan and turn off the heat.
7. Add maple syrup and stir well.
8. Strain the milk well and let it cool down. *Straining milk it important to make the pudding smooth.
9. Pour it into cups or containers and let it cool down in the fridge.
And enjoy with any toppings like ice cream, sweet red bean paste, maple syrup or enjoy itself !


1. 鍋の中に水と粉寒天を入れてよくかき混ぜて馴染ませる。
2. 火を付けて弱火と中火の間位まで上げ、粉寒天が完全に溶けるまでかき混ぜながら温める。目安は寒天液が透明になるまで。約5分間程度。
3. 砂糖を加えてよくかき混ぜて溶かす。
4. 弱火に下げてから少しずつミルクを加える。
5. 少々のお湯で抹茶をたてる。
6. (5.)の抹茶を鍋に入れたら火を止める。
7. メープルシロップを加えたらよく混ぜ合わせる。.
8. ミックスをしっかりと濾したら粗熱を取ります。
9. 容器に流し入れたらレ冷蔵庫でよく冷します。

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