Mizuyokan (水ようかん)

Mizuyokan (水ようかん) is a traditional Japanese dessert. 
It's made of red azuki beans and kanten with gentle sweetness.
Yokan is a general term which refers to this dessert made of red azuki beans, kanten, and sugar. The red azuki beans are in the form of tsubuan (smooth red bean paste) or koshian (coarse red bean paste).
Mizuyokan is a type of yokan which has a higher water content than traditional yokan. It's often served chilled well during hot summer months because it's quite a refreshing and juicy dessert.

Let's refresh yourself with this juicy and sweet red bean kanten at home!


-Sweet red bean paste 750g
-Water 750ml
-Kanten powder 6g
-Sugar 200g
-A pinch of salt


1. Pour kanten and water into sauce pan and stir well.
2. Start boiling the mix with medium heat until kanten becomes completely dissolved (approx. 2 mins after boiled).
3. Add sugar and mix until completely dissolved.
4. Add sweet red bean paste and salt and stir well until the mix gets shiny.
5. Turn off the heat and pour the mix into a bowl.
6. Let the mix cool down to become the temperature around 60℃ while stirring.
7. Pour the mix into small cups or containers and let it cool in the fridge.
Enjoy !



-あんこ(こしあん or 粒あん) 750g
-水 750ml
-粉寒天 6g
-砂糖 200g
-塩 少々






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