Fruits Punch Kanten Jelly (フルーツポンチ寒天)

After moving to Canada, I learned from Canadians the existence and popularity of frozen concentrated fruit juices.  Similar to the tetra box juices (that kids take to school with their lunches), they can be found in almost every Canadian supermarket and are popular because of the wide variety of flavour choices and ease of preparation.
Since all you need to do is add water, children can even make it on their own! (though I would recommend some adult supervision ;) )
By simply using kanten, you can transform these fruit juices to a colourful snack or dessert that is easy to make, and that kids and adults are sure to love!

Fruits Punch Kanten Jelly [フルーツポンチ寒天]


Frozen concentrated fruit juice 1 can 濃縮還元フローズン果汁
Kanten powder 6g 粉寒天
Water 500ml 水


1. Pour 250ml of water and kanten powder into a sauce pan. Stir well before turning on the heat to medium.
2. Boil them for at least 5 mins until kanten powder is completely dissolved (pls stir them constantly so that some parts won’t become lumpy.)
3. Meanwhile, add a frozen concentrated juice to 250ml of water in a bowl. Let the juice melt by leaving at room temperature. *I usually work this process closer to the stove top area.
4. Pour the juice (3.) into the kanten mixture (2.) gradually while stirring. Turn off the heat and strain the mixture and pour into a container.
5. Cool in the fridge and enjoy it as is, or cut into smaller pieces and add to a glass. Pour your favourite soda and drink as a refreshing (and healthier) kanten tapioca drink!
1. 小鍋に水250mlと粉寒天を入れてよく混ぜて馴染ませます。
2. 中火にかけて寒天を溶かします。沸騰後約5分程度、粉寒天がダマにならない様に定期的に混ぜましょう。
3. 粉寒天を溶かしている間に濃縮還元フローズン果汁を残りの水250mlで溶かします。室温に戻すために私はいつもコンロ近くで作業しています。
4. 溶かしたジュース(3.)を寒天液の中へ少しずつ加えます。(一気に入れると急な温度の低下で固まってしまうのでご注意ください。)火を消して濾しながらお好みの容器へ流し入れます。
5. 冷蔵庫でよく冷してからお召し上がりください。そのままでも、細かく刻んでソーダや紅茶の中へ入れて寒天タピオカジュースや寒天バブルティーとしても美味しいですよ!

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