Squeezed Orange Kanten Jelly-(生絞りオレンジ寒天ゼリー)

Everyone love orange, right?!
We are so lucky to have sweet fresh oranges all year around in Canada. So, why not make kanten jelly using fresh oranges!
It’s very healthy and safe for anyone (kids and vegan friendly of course)!
We often eat this cute fresh Kanten dessert after a heavy meal like BBQ as a palate cleanser ;)



-3 fresh oranges (オレンジ3個)
-1tsp lemon juice(レモン汁1ティースプーン)
-30-50g sugar (as preferred)(砂糖30-50gをお好みで調整)
-Water (Add water to freshly squeezed orange juice so that total amount is 400ml)(絞ったオレンジジュースに水を足して合計400mlになる様に調整)
-2.5g Kanten Powder (粉寒天2.5g)


1. Cut oranges in half and squeeze the juice out using a citrus juicer, and save the scooped out peels to be used for serving. 
2. Mix ingredients (freshly squeezed orange juice, sugar, water and kanten powder) in a saucepan, and boil them for 5 mins.
3. Turn off the heat and add lemon juice.
4. Pour it into the orange peel bowls and cool in the fridge.
5. You can top whipped creams as you wish and ENJOY!





3. 中火で5分ほど茹でたら(粉寒天が完全に溶けたら)火を止めて、レモン汁を加えてよく混ぜます。
4. 粗熱が取れたら1.で絞った後のオレンジの皮を容器にして3.寒天液を注ぎ、冷蔵庫でよく冷します。
5. お好みで生クリームを乗せてお召し上がりください。



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