Pomelo Salad (Yam Som O) with Kanten Flakes (ポメロサラダ-寒天フレーク入り)

One of my memorable Thai salad is this Pomelo salad (Yam Som O) while I have lived in Singapore where people can easily travel to Thailand. Luckily we are still able to get Pomelo here in Canada too thanks to many Asian supermarkets!

The salad is very refreshing and has exotic flavour.  And don't forget our KANTEN FLAKES! Kanten flakes are 100% made from red seaweed. They have virtually no calories and are an excellent source of dietary fibre (80% by content) intake. It's a great addition of chewy texture to salad as well.

<Pomelo Salad (Yam Som O) with Kanten Flakes Recipe>

[Ingredients for 4 servings]

-Pomelo 1(ポメロ・文旦) *Peel the skin off.
-Kanten Flakes A handful  (寒天フレーク 一掴み分)
-Carrot 1(ニンジン)
-Red onion/Sweet onion 1(赤玉ねぎ又はスウィート玉ねぎ)
-Baby leaf/spinach A handful(ベビーリーフ又はベビーほうれん草、一掴み分)
-Roasted peanuts A handful(素煎りピーナツ、一掴み分)
-Cilantro leaves A handful(パクチー、一掴み分)

A. Olive oil 3 tbsp(オリーブオイル)
(or Vegetable oil(サラダオイル))
A. White wine vinegar 2tbsp(白ワインビネガー)
A. Fish sauce 2tbsp(ナンプラー)
A. Cane sugar 4tsp(きび砂糖)
A. Lime/Lemon juice 2tsp(ライム又はレモン汁)


1. Let's make dressing first! Just mix A ingredients well.
2. Soak the kanten in water for 5 mins. Drain off the water thoroughly from the kanten.
3. Shred carrots and onions. (You can boil vegetables lightly.) Tear cilantro and pomelo into bite-size pieces by hands. 
4. Roast peanuts lightly, then chop them.
5. Mix all the ingredients and sauce well in a bowl. Enjoy!
*You can add chili powder if you like it spicy.


1. 先ずはドレッシング作りから。材料Aを合わせてよく混ぜておきます。
2. 寒天フレークを水に5分ほど浸けて戻したら水をよく切ります。
3. ニンジンと玉ねぎを細切りにします。(お好みで軽く茹でても良し。) パクチーとポメロは手で一口サイズにちぎります。
4. ピーナツは軽く煎ってから細かく刻みます。
5. 全ての材料とドレッシングをよく混ぜたら完成です。


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